Damián Navarro

Damián Navarro’s book is part of a collection published by the Fondation AHEAD, created to support and spread the work of talented former students of the HEAD, Haute Ecole d’art et de design, Genève.

Book: 19.5 x 26 cm, 72 pages. Client: Fondation AHEAD, Genève. Title: Damián Navarro, Goonshow2. Publishing director: Jean-Pierre Greff. Authors: Philippe Decrauzat, Damián Navarro, Didier Rittener, Silvia Simoncelli, Benjamin Stroun. Traduction: Patrick Morency. Publisher: Fondation AHEAD, Genève. Proofing: Bombie, Genève. Printing: Atar, Genève. Binding: Schumacher, Schmitten. ISBN 978-2-9700853-3-1. Novembre 2013