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Eklekto joue Eklekto with Alexandre Babel, Wojtek Blecharz and Ryoji Ikeda.

Eklekto is a Geneva based percussion group presenting events in the fields of new music, contemporary sound art and multidisciplinary works.

→ www.eklekto.ch
→ Typeface Serial Beta


Heimspiel, 19th and 20th of October 2018 with Antoine Chessex, Mio Chartereau, Pierre Thoma, Beat Furrer, Anette Schmucki, David Bird and Fritz Hauser.

This poster has been awarded by the 100 Best Posters 2018 (DE/AT/CH), and the Chaumont International Poster Competition 2018 (FR).

→ www.eklekto.ch
→ Picture Dylan Perrenoud
→ Typeface Serial Beta


Working in close collaboration with Optimo since November 2012, have a look at the typefaces on which I participated. Next Cyrillic and Greek, Practice, Media77, Ceremony, Clarendon Graphic, Plain, Programme, Px Grotesk, Hermes Condensed and Stanley. More typefaces to be released soon, check Optimo website!

→ www.optimo.ch

Beyond the Monument

With Bogdan Bogdanović, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Aleksandra Domanović, Renée Green, Jonathan Horowitz, Alfredo Jaar, Khaled Jarrar, Dani Karavan, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Grupa Spomenik Archive (Ivana Bago, Ana Bezić, Andrew Herscher, Antonia Majača, Branimir Stojanović, Milica Tomić, Vanessa Vasić-Janeković), Walter Benjamin Archiv. Curated by Denis Pernet. Exhibition by BUREAU A.

→ www.a-bureau.com

La Cabuche

“A blue fluorescent sign announcing the improbability of a normal occupation of the house”. This is what BUREAU A wanted to see in front of its beautiful refurbished house. “Marian” from Commercial Type emerged as the obvious typographic choice.

→ Images and info
→ www.a-bureau.com

Tiina in use

Schaffter Sahli made the best out of Tiina for the art publishing house Macula. The typeface is intelligently displayed from large to small sizes, making this work an optimal showcase.

→ www.schafftersahli.ch

Swiss Design Awards

Tiina has been awarded again! Have a look at the Swiss Design Awards website.

→ www.swissdesignawards.ch


It is an honor to have Tiina published by Ourtype, the great Fred Smeijers’s foundry. Since the TDC award, the font has been completed with two more weights, light and semi-bold, along with additional glyphs. I am grateful to Ourtype work.

→ www.ourtype.be

Type Directors Club

Tiina has been selected and awarded by the Type Directors Club of New-York among the best typefaces created in 2007. Tiina has been conceived and realized during the Master of Arts in Typeface Design (MATD) at the University of Reading (UK), from 2006 to 2007.

→ www.tdc.org